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Subject: Jewish rabbi's
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9362 12.12.08 - 02:59pm
Is it true they are not allowed to serve in the army,if so,why?Also why do all the male rabbi's seem to wear the same type of hat?and what is the significance of that stringy hairstyle what they all seem to wear? *

cydr1 13.12.08 - 05:33pm
anyone studying to be a rabbi would normally have done his or her compulsory army service before they are accepted as full rabbis. the unit i belonged to had a rabbi who acted as pardre to the regiment.regarding the wearing of 'love locks'the Torah demands that jewish men will not cut or round off their temples which the ultra pious Hassids take to mean not to trim any of the temple area. hence the love locks. *

cydr1 13.12.08 - 06:05pm
rabbis always keep their heads covered either by a hat or a yarmulka.however they don't all wear the same type of hat.it depends on where they originate from.some wear a platter hat some a homburg and some even wear a hat similar to a russian snow cap. *

goodboy3 5.01.09 - 02:48pm
i wear the ushanka (what u described as russian snow cap) alot because its part of my slavic culture, not because of any religious cause or something. btw im not a jew.
ushanka has high status in my culture because its some kinda symbol of pride n dignity. we usually keep it in high place n take very good care of it n putting it in floor means dishonor ourselves... but wait, this has nothing to do wit the point of this topic! *

diana007 21.04.09 - 04:56pm
How do u feel about jesus? If i am to pray to jesus am i not breaking the commandment that forbids me from worshiping another god? *

waynesha 25.08.09 - 05:53am
Hmm i understand what u guys are talking about rabbis everybody has their faith i don t descremate anyone but we have de *

waynesha 25.08.09 - 05:56am
We have differences but i personally believe there is one creator and one day we shall surely met him Allah ta ala. *

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