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A group where fair minded people can debate about religion

Group Founder: 9362
Group Type: Public join
Members: 78
Category: Religion & Beliefs > General

Topics (32)

go What's the difference (5) 9362
go 'believershome' (0) phlamex
go pesach/passover (2) zaporah
go What is a religion? (0) 3april
go Genealogy of Jesus (8) akil28

Photos (4)

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Files (3)

1 The Basic Muslim Prayer
2 Place of Islam among the Religions of the World
3 God Is Love (gif file)

Links (10)

go An Introduction to the Science of Hadith
go The True Gospel: Part 1 (Free mp3 downloads)
go The True Gospel: Part 2
go The True Gospel: Part 3
go The True Gospel: Part 4


Polls (5)

go Does GOD support the division and hatred found amongst the different religions that believe in him and worship him?
go What religion do you hate?
go Do the ambassadors of Islam on pro, provide sufficient and truthfull answers to your questions...
go Did you learn anything positive in the Religion Forum.
go Is religion more important then family?



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