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Subject: religion forum
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shadyct 22.11.08 - 09:00pm
anyone agree with me that its getting worse by the day..I joind a other site the otha day under this nick and ppl askd if i was shady 4rm pro i said yep..they welcomd me and said dont worry we dont fight here we help where we can. *

iilmadme 23.11.08 - 03:19am
wat do u think it needs? *

iilmadme 23.11.08 - 03:27am
i reckon there r just timewasters n mischief makers sumtimes...in here u cud kick them out.. *

iilmadme 23.11.08 - 03:50pm
i dont remember the time when the religious forum was created.did it have much opposition? Becuz im gettin the feeling that ppl r just sabotaging it..the parts of this that involve ppl bein heated bout their beliefs r seperate...perfectly reasonable topics get swamped by ppl who r only there for a fite cuz theyre either bored or have a political agenda,n it's just bullying...tell me to shut up if im overstepping the mark..just that i remember a time b4 when evry time religion got mentioned ppl wud argue over the rite to discuss it at all *

shadyct 24.11.08 - 05:50am
it was formed, i think last year but speak under correction. The main religious folk in the Religion forum come forum the international forum...The ones that tend to cause fights are usually the newbies which in turn provoke those that try to comein peace.... *

abrasax 2.12.08 - 11:01pm
I don't mind a joke but the flooding jokes just kill a topic *

shadyct 3.12.08 - 05:12am
YEah I know what you mean...

ekka 7.12.08 - 08:33am
I joind pro about 4 years ago. But start using forums aprox a year ago. I miss the respect ppl had back then for eatch other. What bother me is that old users tend to start takeing the same bad mannerd ways nowadays. Must be the one bad apple destroy the whole bunsh theory. *

shadyct 9.12.08 - 08:47am
Myabe ekka but it could also be done out of frustration....the newbees to the religion forum have no tolerance and respect whatsoever.....

abrasax 9.12.08 - 11:57am
People start topics then don't respond to pw's i think they are just fishing for new members to their cults *

shadyct 10.12.08 - 10:32am
Well some PW's start a topic to stir things up and run away..... *

ekka 13.12.08 - 08:20am
I just think that if u lower uself to their level u as bad as them. So dont blame them go look in the miror and blame uself. Just coz they try to provoke u doesnt mean u should alow it. *

oubaas 13.12.08 - 08:55am
I am a Christian, BUT I will NEVER EVER debate/argue/defend my religion. Why? My Bible clearly says u must love ur nearest like u wud love urself. Belief in the 1st instance comes from the heart. *

oubaas 13.12.08 - 08:57am
What I want to say is that I respect people for who and what they are and I dont judge on religion. *

truth786 13.12.08 - 02:50pm
i agree da religion forum is gettin worse, i remember i was one of da first peeps who made a topic der. These days alot of newbies dont bother searchin da topic dat already been discussed, makes me wana strangle em, lol....shall i inform u da biggest thing dat amazes me in religion forum? Its da peeps think da wrong way in wot im actually sayin, dem not lettin me explain proper dey give da verdict dat im such things which i aint, dis has lost me mates on ere, da ones bak in love club, da ones dat use to inbox n pm me. My mates who r now my ex mates have become my enemies not coz i wanted it dat way, its coz dey wanted it dat way. Is it my problem da way i explain things n dey dont get it? Nope oh_no.GIF. I realised how on earth can one have a serious discussion in religion forum wen newbies always copy n paste tryin to flood da post out as if internet is always right. I can personally garuntee u dat come face to face without n e internet help n rely on knowledge, many newbies will be speechless. I much prefer debatin face to face rather on wap now, i also believe some admins need to get a grip n watch religion forum. Wer is unrealx? Dat admin aint been der for ages, da owner of site should really start takin da ones dat hardly come on n leave da ones dat do. *

truth786 13.12.08 - 02:52pm
i also believe digits is a ! lol.GIF *

truth786 13.12.08 - 02:58pm
and whoeva is clonin me as truth768 is da biggest loser eva dat came on pro, remember peeps, dat is not me. All u gotta look at is mine has number '8' between '7' and '6', wer dat clone has '6' between '7' and '8'. *

iilmadme 13.12.08 - 03:08pm
Is that aka still going? Blimey,that kinda thing gets ridiculous..It's a shame to fall out with ppl,tho..Remember its not easy bein new,please?Am i new? Lol *

iilmadme 13.12.08 - 03:11pm
The name callin n personal attacks r bad,tho..It's upsettin for the ppl that u probly will rarely hear mention it.But they'll just leave *

truth786 13.12.08 - 04:21pm
@ illmad, yeh u r new yumyum.GIF *

truth786 13.12.08 - 04:22pm
u can call me 'sir' if u want hehe.GIF *

iilmadme 13.12.08 - 05:20pm
Aww can i really? Thanks, I think this is the happiest day of my life already lol.GIF *

oubaas 13.12.08 - 07:23pm
wow.GIF I have also being cloned many times, but since I stay away from the forums I live in peace on pro. At my own site nobody can bother me anyway as I getout.GIF them quickly. Wht cant people who call themself christian live in peace? It is very sad. *

truth786 13.12.08 - 07:44pm
how dare u be sarcastic to me illmad hug.GIF....dats bein said, its been said by da peeps dat i can make u go beyond happiness! grin.GIF *

9362 13.12.08 - 08:26pm
Welcome here oubaas,one of the main reasons for setting this group up was so it could be an area of peaceful dialogue and learning. *

9362 13.12.08 - 08:31pm
Please feel free to contribute oobas and i was also very lucky in having good decent buds with different beliefs prepared to act as admins *

truth786 13.12.08 - 09:14pm
awww shucks! blush2.GIF *

oubaas 14.12.08 - 01:57am
Thank you my friend. I will pop in regularly. My groups and site keeps me very busy. I dont spend much time on pro anymore. *

shadyct 15.12.08 - 05:32am
Hi all @ ekka its a debateable one...but i feel that the provoker should get singled out and punished before things get out of hand...

iilmadme 15.12.08 - 06:10am
Lol hug.GIF just saw that,truth.told u i was slow :) *

oubaas 15.12.08 - 07:39am
@ shadyct According to some of my friends nothing is done about it sad2.GIF *

iilmadme 15.12.08 - 07:51am
oubaas i dont think admins like being in there very much or sumthin..so they dont notice,n when they do they cant tell wat the atmosphere has been leading up to it *

oubaas 15.12.08 - 09:29am
I hear what u say huny. At my site it works different. A person being targeted with a pms have an option to report abuse of any nature. All the reported pms's get logged in an admins report/log folder. First admin online see all the outstanding reports and start taking action immediately! *

shadyct 15.12.08 - 10:39am
i think the same happens here but one feels he is dealing with adults and thus feel reluctant to report the individual.... *

9362 15.12.08 - 01:32pm
It is also harder because of the size of the prodigits site *

oubaas 15.12.08 - 01:43pm
That is definitely so, but then they must appoint more admins.

Members are leaving pro by the day due to lack of reaction by admins.

I know a couple of them whom already left. *

maddam 4.01.09 - 11:05pm
latch.GIF truth u havnt lost me and neva will. hifive.GIF iv also notcd ppl provokn certain religions, evn attackn th person... Thats very sad and most th regulars I know hardly go to religion forum these dayssad.GIF *

oubaas 5.01.09 - 01:02am
I agree with you. Problem with a lot of christians is that they want to play God themself and they make a mockery of the christian religion. I respect the moslem firm stand towards their religion. *

zaporah 2.04.09 - 10:50am
interesting, when searching in the religious groups did you know there are tabs for islam, christianity, buddhists, occultists, hindus... what's missing? only the original abrahamic faith... *

oubaas 3.04.09 - 04:23am
I suggest you send a request to admin in this regard. If you can get people to support your request. *

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