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Subject: Inter religion relationships
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9362 3.09.08 - 10:24pm
If a child of yours was in love with someone from another religion would you accept it? *

sparkyg 3.09.08 - 11:22pm
I wont b happy but as long as he/she dont try 2 change my childs religon i wont interfeer... *

shadyct 4.09.08 - 06:38am
its cool with me digits so long as they comply with shariah....

sparkyg 4.09.08 - 06:42am
Whats Shariah shady? *

shadyct 4.09.08 - 08:02am
its islamic law spark *

maddam 4.09.08 - 11:58am
I can never deny my child his happiness. I am openminded and will welcome that person in my family. Besides my child has to live his own life and make and learn from his own mistakes... *

sparkyg 4.09.08 - 05:09pm
O ok tanx shady... *

cydr1 6.09.08 - 12:42pm
have no problem with my daughters marrying outside their religion.in fact thats exactly what is happening. i trust them to know their own minds. *

ekka 6.09.08 - 08:17pm
Hmmm this is a hard one but i do believ my kids should make their own choices. *

iilmadme 21.11.08 - 09:27am
i wud like to think i'd only be concerned 4 their happiness.i know wat its like to fite a bit with parents over sumone u love.its never worth fallin out over *

zaporah 3.04.09 - 04:18am
i'm dating a muslim. my folks are far from happy, but they like him. *

adlims40 8.01.10 - 09:15pm
Im sure my chldren wil n0t marry f0r hu is n0t co-member n r church.bt i gve them freed0m to ch0se wat they wana. *

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