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Subject: What's the difference
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9362 2.09.08 - 01:47am
Between groups such as pentecostals and 7th day adventists and ordinary christians? *

n1ck 2.09.08 - 03:34pm
Generally, different denominations of Christianity differ on one or more doctrinal issues, such as whether or not water baptism is compulsory etc. In general though, the central belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and His death and resurrection, is believed throughout the denominations. *

n1ck 2.09.08 - 03:35pm
In other words the core beliefs and fundamental faith is the same, but there are different interpretations between the denominations on minor doctrines of the faith. *

mbu1991 22.10.10 - 04:27pm
as the scripture says, serve him only, because he is god. *

marc07 9.11.10 - 06:21am
The difference is the degree of insanity of each religion. *

anifranil 3.05.14 - 06:21am
a just pure crazy..... Man in is quest to try to understand himself create religion... And it still a do what it was mental to do divide and rule, and send the fool a little further. *

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