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Subject: Genealogy of Jesus
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akil28 18.01.09 - 11:18pm
I was wonderin about the family line of Jesus's mother was she Judah? Cause if Jesus is said to be of Judah bcause of Joseph is that really accurate seeing He is only of Mary? Gr8ful 4 answers!!! *

9362 26.01.09 - 12:37am
Will ask a bud to reply *

zeitl 27.01.09 - 08:38pm
not being a christian i may cause offence.it is not intended.Joseph was according to the Bible of the House of David,and therefore a man of Judah.Miriam (Mary) i believe came from Nazereth and was therefore a Samaritan.so pay your money and take your choice. *

airwalkr 30.08.09 - 07:31am
lol.GIF no not quite.. the bloodline of Jesus extends from David through Nathan to Heli the father of Mary. Mary being a child in the line of Judah was able to keep her inheritance if she married within the same tribe. *For those curious look up laws concerning the daughters of Zelophehad Numbers 26:33; 27:1-11; 36:2-12; Joshua17:3-6; 1 chronicles 7:15* *

airwalkr 30.08.09 - 07:38am
Essantially the law allowed the father of the daughter if he had no sins to take on the son-in-law as his own son with the rights and privilages therein. Normally at this point I would point out that this excludes Christ from the blood curse on the royal line of the Tribe of Judah, *Jeremiah 22:30* but thats another topic for another time. *

airwalkr 30.08.09 - 07:40am
lol sons.. if the father of the daughter had no sons.. not sins. lol.GIF sorry

tsi 6.09.09 - 01:20am
Genealogy of Jesus is interesting, it is given by two accounts: Lk.3:23-38 and Mt.1:2-16. Both trace Jesus' line to King David as per prophetic requisite for the Christ and are identical between Abraham and David, but differ radically from that point onwards giving two different fathers of Joseph i.e Heli in Luke and Jacob in Mathew *

tsi 6.09.09 - 02:04am
The two accounts cannot be harmonized and thus they are taken to be for two different people i.e Mary and Joseph. Jesus was believed to be the son of Joseph but was actually the product of virgin birth. Luke's account involves Jesus's title Son of God. Thus family line of Mary is in Luke n patrilinear genealogy shows she was Judah too *

marc07 9.11.10 - 06:36am
Jesus is a roman. Half jew,half roman. *

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