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Subject: Israel/palestine problem
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9362 31.12.08 - 01:43am
Every time this gets talked about in the forum it descends into stupid insulting so here we can have a nice peaceful debate about it *

9362 31.12.08 - 01:49am
Whilst i understand the anger felt by israel because of the rocket attacks i feel that hammas has been given a huge propaganda victory.i also wonder if the attack only started because there are elections in a few months and the israeli ruling party is behind in the polls? *

warrior0 31.12.08 - 09:24am
You are right digits, it is very similar to what clinton did in iraq during the monica lewinski scandel. The israeli brutality is only creating more hatred. *

9362 31.12.08 - 10:20am
Clinton had nothing to do with Iraq warrior *

ekka 31.12.08 - 11:41am
So what do u sugest should isrial sit and fiddle with their thumbs while hamas atack them. Yes there is uprore in the world. Ones again i have to ask why? 53 civiliance have died in zimbabwe thousends have died at the hands of a dictator why is that no problem to the world. *

ekka 31.12.08 - 11:48am
Does the world hate jews that much that they totaly go bulistick when the jews say we had it with hamas. Is 1 muslims live worth more than that of a 1000 others in Africa. It totaly astonish me that tv and newspapers and the world go in to overdrive about this but Mugabe is still in power killing thousends and i c lil to nun outrage at him. *

ekka 31.12.08 - 11:54am
I undastand civiliance died and its bad but should hamas not be condemd for their cowardly actions using schools and populated areas to hide behind civiliance to fite isrial. Shooting rockets from place of worshep. Why did the muslims alow it? Why is hamas aloud by the civiliance to infeltrate them and put them in danger. *

9362 31.12.08 - 11:57am
Plenty of coverage here about the evils of mugabe but if the uk went in to zimbabwe most african countries would stand behind mugabe,support him and accuse us of acting like colonists again *

9362 31.12.08 - 12:14pm
The civilians see hammas as their defender like the Israeli's see the army as their defender.Some palestinians have been in refugee camps for years.All are effected by the building of the wall which may have achieved an objective of stopping most of the suicide bombers however it also condemned many palestinians to more misery and poverty especially as they refused to allow many medical supplies through so many palestinians died of illness.Israel also controls the water and electric supplies.I do not support the violence from other side but i can see why palestinians support hammas *

warrior0 31.12.08 - 01:02pm
Clinton had iraq bombed during the monica scandel digits. Ekka what mugabe is doing is wrong and likewise what israel is doing is wrong. Israel is committing genocide. To throw a people off their land and refuse them the right to return home is wrong. The palestinians fight against israeli oppression. Any people that is oppressed will fight back. You cant steal someones land degrade the former inhabitants, blockade them, starve them, deny them medical supplies, electricity, fuel etc and not expect them to fight back *

ekka 31.12.08 - 01:48pm
I think its time the whole world look a bit wider. Im a minority in my country my birth rite was stolen from me so should i now have the rite to go blow up ppl coz they stold my birth rite in the name of freedom fighting. *

warrior0 31.12.08 - 04:13pm
Any land appropriation in south africa is subject to the constitution, a land grab would be unconstitutional and illegal, the only land grabbing that did take place was under the white racist government. South africa is not following the path of zimbabwe. The only similarity of south africa to israel is the previous white racist government of south africa, a similar position is happening in israel to the palestinian people, who are treated as sub human forced to go through daily checkpoints. The wall in israel is worse than the berlin wall. *

shadyct 1.01.09 - 08:23am
reading2.GIF likwise ekka, Hammas has been portrayd as barbarians. this war is kind of like David and Goliath. palestine being David.. Attacks from a mosque is unacceptable but these ppl live under bad times no time for pickin and choosing a gud spot of attack. *

shadyct 1.01.09 - 08:28am
i agree with warrior re South Africa. *

zeroload 4.01.09 - 11:34pm
I know of 3 ppl that lost their land due to land grabs over here and thats just one small farming area,the ppl who are affected cant afford the court fees needed to pay for the removal of illegal squatters so they dont do a thing,also everyone knows my view on the situation by now but saw a post where there was a call for muslims to unite and deal with the so called enemies of islam.thats starting to border on hate speech *

goodboy3 5.01.09 - 02:26pm
if i start talking, i would swearing alot... so should i voice out my views on here? *

9362 5.01.09 - 05:18pm
Sadly there is quite a lot of hate talk in the forum zeroload,strong admin on here goodboy! *

zeroload 6.01.09 - 03:11am
True digits i just think that hate speech in any form is dangerous and should never be allowed,no matter how emotional the subject is.also i would think its an insult to the muslims who dont take part in it because most ppl will judge them off that

warrior0 6.01.09 - 07:07pm
Zero that land grab is not condoned by the sa government but is conducted by illegal squatters. They should speak to a legal clinic for advice on how to proceed to evict the squatters. Huh ekka? *

n1ck 15.01.09 - 03:03pm
I was watching the aljazeera TV channel last night, and there were an*lysts discussing the situation in Gaza. Basically what is happening is that Israel have taken the stance that they want Palestine to know that any rockets fired at Israel from Palestine or Lebanon will result in massive retaliation from Israel. This is why Israel is continuing unabated with their terrifying offensive on Gaza. Israel says the air and ground forces are acting in retaliation to rockets fired into Israel by Hamas.

According to sources on the ground, as many as 70 rockets were being fired into Israel daily by Hamas before the war began 20 days ago. Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel, but the number has dropped to 20 rockets per day. (source: Bloomberg.com) *

n1ck 15.01.09 - 03:06pm
Israel's strategy is to try and enforce a condition of stability on the area by making Palestine fearful of carrying out any offensives on Israel in fear of a massive retaliation from Israel. A case of making it known to Palestine that 4 rockets will not be met by 4 rockets, but rather 4 rockets will be met by days or weeks of massive and devastating Israeli military action.

It is what Israel is calling a deterrence strategy. *

n1ck 15.01.09 - 03:19pm
In my opinion, the best short term solution for everybody right now, is for a massive diplomatic effort to set up talks between Israel and Hamas, to call a 2 week cease-fire and cool-off period to allow aid workers and aid trucks in to Gaza, and for Hamas to stop firing any rockets at Israel. I think Israel should be taken seriously, because they have demonstrated that they will not take that sort of thing lightly.

Whether Hamas is firing the rockets in retaliation or not is not the issue. For me, its just the best thing for everybody right now, so that there can be a breather for all concerned and lay a platform for talks to continue, and hopely a mutually acceptable solution can be found thereafter. *

n1ck 15.01.09 - 03:23pm
Any thoughts on this? *

ekka 16.01.09 - 08:30am
I agree nick i think isrial is takeing a bit to far now they have made their point its time it stop and talks start. I dont think inocent ppl have to keep paying for governments stupidity. *

shadyct 16.01.09 - 01:42pm
Seems reasonable. *

zaporah 2.04.09 - 08:22am
hamas are internationally recognized as a terrorist organization who have emphatically stated that the genocide of israels jews is its primary objective. when you fire rockets daily into a country that believes the safety of every single citizen, muslim, jewish and christian, there comes a point when there will be retaliation. no sovereign country would accept the terrorist actions committed against israel by hamas, yet israel is expected to. there is no occupation in gaza, what are they fighting for? to kill jews. pure and simple *

warrior0 2.04.09 - 11:16pm
Hamas's aim is for justice for its people. Hamas when it came To power had agreed to the palestinian authority brokering a peace deal with israel. Hamas fights because thats the only option israel has left them. Israel didnt take the olive branch. Your government didnt want peace with livny said that they dont want a prolonged peace with hamas cause that will strengthen hamas. She said that long before the gaza offencesive. Your country only kept the peace until it was ready to strike *

warrior0 2.04.09 - 11:28pm
The threat of occupation hovers over gaza, and gaza is subjected to an inhumane blockade that is tantamount to genocide pepertrated by israel. That is one reason why israel not popular in gaza. Another reason is the wretched condition of the refugees living in poverty, and not allowed to return to their homes in israel. Another reason compare the medical facilities of the palestinians to a hospital in israel that is a few minutes away. The palestinians lack basic necessities, and humanitarian org has donated supplies that israel and including egypt has not let through *

zaporah 3.04.09 - 03:18am
supplies that come via israel. it's our right to deny or allow entry of anything into gaza. they think israel doesn't exist, so the roads supplying them with essentials also don't exist. operation cast lead was a military success, if we need to continue sustained military campaigns to dispel the threat of hamas, so be it. 8 years of terrorism by a glorified illegal militia has made israelis weary. we have a right wing government now, a government that won't hesitate to retaliate against gazan terrorism. justifiably so. *

zaporah 3.04.09 - 03:22am
so why do they need an independent country if they want to return to israel? they need to forget this, it will never happen. they will have their own state nullifying any illegitimate claim they try to justify with violence *

zaporah 5.04.09 - 12:24am
you're right ekka. the blood of a single iraqi or palestinian are worth more than the lives of all the muslims dead in darfurs state funded genocide. zimbabwe like you mentioned. popular uprising quashed bloodily in libya. these mean nothing once a jew or american soldier have killed an arab. anti semitism and policies of intellectual accountability need to be addressed *

warrior0 11.04.09 - 10:59pm
What happened to ekka's post? Zaporath israel has the right of life of or death over the palestinians in gaza. Thats it. Nothing else but murder. The crazy thing is your country complains hamas did this hamas did that, but your country never wanted peace with hamas inspite of the fact that hamas wanted peace. Israeli military action usually precedes hamas's rocket attacks (israel action enticing hamas's responce). Followed by israeli retaliatory strikes??? Any peoples suffering regardless of arab jew zimbabewean is a terrible thing. No person is above another *

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