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Subject: Chanukah
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zeitl 15.12.08 - 05:59pm
or more familiar Hannakah. whilst our Christian friends are celebrating Christmas the Jewish people will be celebrating Hannakah.it starts on the 21st and finishes on the 29th of december.it is sometimes referred to as the festival of lights. because we count off the days using an eight branched candlestick called a hannakiah.if anyone wants any information i will be happy to provide it. *

abrasax 16.12.08 - 12:08pm
Tell us more like are gifts exchangad ? *

shadyct 17.12.08 - 10:21am
Im not sure how to wish you ...but best wishes zeitl.....I hope you have a spendid hannakah

zaporah 2.04.09 - 09:04am
chag sameach lol yes, gifts are exchanged but it usually depends on how secular you are *

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