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Subject: Sunni/shia dispute
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9362 22.11.08 - 05:34pm
People in the forum seem confused by this so warrior is going to explain it *

shadyct 22.11.08 - 08:46pm
cool... *

warrior0 23.11.08 - 08:29pm
the dispute revolves around the issue of succession. who should of succeeded Muhammad (saw), shia's believe that the family of Muhammad (saw) should rule the muslim lands, they wished for Ali (ra) to succeed, and sunni's feel the ruler should be the one most worthy. *

warrior0 23.11.08 - 08:40pm
the succession fell upon Abu Bakr (ra) and after his death upon Umar (ra) and thereafter Uthman (ra). shia's view these 3 caliphs as ussurpers of Ali's rights while sunni's view them as rightly guided. shia is a move closer to kingship while the sunni sect favours an election of a righteous ruler. in the muslim world today sunni muslims are in the majority approximately 85 percent and shias roughly 15 percent. iran bein the centre for shia's with karbella in iraq holding a high importance, *

warrior0 23.11.08 - 08:45pm
as the place of Imam Hussain's (ra) ,the grandson of the Muhammad (saw), martydom. *

shadyct 24.11.08 - 07:02am
please state solutions aswell bro.... *

warrior0 25.11.08 - 02:04pm
The only peaceful solution is dialoge. There has been wars before between the sects but there has also been moments of peace. The best way forward is a peaceful discussion. *

warrior0 25.11.08 - 02:09pm
Or a similar peaceful armistice between the sects. One could also introduce an othordox viewpoint to shias if a sunni government was in power. Outright conquest between the two is too blood. So one can best look towards if not an understanding at least a relative peace between the sects *

shadyct 26.11.08 - 07:18am
i bet you warrior is gonna show his muscles he is so conceited rolleyes.GIF *

shadyct 26.11.08 - 09:34am
Anyways good points noted warrior, dialogue would be a great solution for them to come to some sort of consensus.... *

djtrickz 26.12.08 - 04:53am
One solution is that everyone consider them just MUSLIM rather than shia sunni or whatever other sect, it has been mentioned so many times in Quran about being UNITED n ALLAH has indicated severe punishment to those who divide the religion, thats the way, people should understand quran n its teachings *

djtrickz 26.12.08 - 04:54am
one last proverb '' UNITEDLY WE STAND, DIVIDELY WE FALL'' innocent.GIF x x x peace :-) *

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