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Subject: Rosh Hashanah
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cydr1 28.09.08 - 08:08pm
tomorrow evening monday 29th september when you can see three stars in the sky at a glance,it will be the start of Jewish New Year 5769.Rosh Hashanah means literally the head of the year and signals the start of ten days of prayer,reflection and planning. culminating in the fast of Yom Kippur. Leviticus 16:24 specifies...in the seventh month,on the first of the month,there shall be a sabbath for you,a remembrance with shofar blasts,a Holy Convocation...no work is allowed on Rosh Hashanah.much of the day is *

cydr1 28.09.08 - 08:27pm
most of the day is spent in the synagogue and a special prayer book is used because of the large number of liturgical changes.One of the nicer parts of the holiday is the eating of apples dipped in honey. to signify the wish for a sweet new year,and bread is baked in rounds instead of the usual plaits to show the circle of the year.So all that remains is for me to wish every one...L'shanah tovah tikatev v'taihatem and for ladies L'shanah tovah tikatevi v'taihatemi. *

n1ck 28.09.08 - 08:56pm
Thanks for that info cydr1, its very interesting. Are you fluent in Hebrew? *

warrior0 28.09.08 - 08:58pm
reading.GIF thank you cydr *

cydr1 28.09.08 - 09:23pm
i blush to admit nick that i was fluent in hebrew when i was working there,but despite having nine adopted jewish daughters i have let it slide recently. i maybe need a refresher course.what i said in the topic was... may you be sealed and assured of a good year. and i said it in both the male and female form. *

zaporah 2.04.09 - 09:10am
why is it everybody assumes jews must speak hebrew? *

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