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Subject: How does the media treat
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9362 31.08.08 - 10:06am
Your religion in your country? *

n1ck 1.09.08 - 05:17am
Well we are fortunate that historically South Africa has mostly been a Christian country, so we have a lot of religious freedom. In fact, we often hear and see sports presenters, commentators, sportsmen and news reporters make reference to God. *

n1ck 1.09.08 - 05:25am
I must say that our media is actually very sensitive to all religions though. Our media pretty much caters for most religions. Our digital satelitte tv has an Islamic channel and also caters for the hindu public. Our free tv also broadcasts programs for the hindu and other cultures, and I recently saw that they were broadcasting a special on the Quran for the muslim population. So all in all, I think there is a high level of religious tolerance in South Africa. *

shadyct 1.09.08 - 11:25am
I agree with n1ck....

za1wifey 1.09.08 - 12:11pm
Nick you talk alot gigglez.GIF *

ekka 1.09.08 - 12:52pm
In SA the media very seldom give a specific religion the blame for anything that happend. *

jannah1 1.09.08 - 12:53pm
I wld say here in America the media is very non secular. If anything sways the media its politics and government *

9362 1.09.08 - 01:18pm
Tv media in sa sounds a bit more advanced in that respect then ours *

truth786 2.09.08 - 12:47am
i would say the media in UK is 60/40. *

cydr1 6.09.08 - 12:51pm
being a minority sect we get minimal media coverage.this was not always the case but now we live undisturbed thank God. *

iilmadme 3.10.08 - 07:06pm
In uk the media is very cautious not to offend any particular religious group... *

boogyice 1.03.10 - 04:35pm
Wht abt do they hv freedom of religion@south afrika?i dont tink sooo *

boogyice 1.03.10 - 04:36pm
Wht abt Rastafarians.. do they hv freedom of religion@south afrika?i dont tink sooo *

ekka 6.03.10 - 11:16am

What the heck is a rastafarian? And as long as u religion don't harm others SA don't have a problem. *

warrior0 10.03.10 - 09:36am
rastafarians believe that Haile Saliese (former ethiopean king) is God. they believe in being at peace with nature. an example of a rastafarian would be bob marley. they smoke marijuana for religious reasons. Its a carribean religion that seeks to bring african culture to the rasta adherents. note the african culture bit is debatable *

warrior0 10.03.10 - 09:39am
haile selasse was forced ino exile by mussolini, he returned with south african and british help to his throne during ww2. he was later overthrown by his generals. and died in old age *

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